About Us

Our Company

Blaydon Communications Limited was founded on the 24th April 1972 when the directors of North East Time Recorders Limited saw a need to expand into the sound and communications market and started Blaydon Communications Limited; we have continued to trade ever since.

The parent company, North East Time Recorders Limited is even older, it became a limited company way back on the 8th August 1947, supplying and maintaining mechanical time recorders; operating from premises in Newcastle until moving to Blaydon in 1970. Both companies still operate from this base.

The expansion into the sound and communications industry required new personnel, so a communications engineer was employed and that’s how it all began. The current Managing Director, Mr Paul Dougherty, started with the Company back in 1990 on a Youth Training Scheme and worked his way up through the ranks. As part of a management buyout team in 1997, he secured his place within the Company and thanks to his experience and forward-looking attitude will take the Company from strength to strength.

When Blaydon Communications Limited commenced operations they mainly catered for the intercom and public address requirements of commercial users in the North East of England. However, over the years the range of equipment offered has increased to cater for the customer’s requirements; they have become main distributors for a number of manufacturers carrying stock of both new equipment and very importantly spare parts to allow for a quick and efficient repair service.

Since those early days, they have got stronger in many sectors and have become a leading force in the supply, installation and servicing of communication and audiovisual equipment in the North.

Also, thanks to their successful trading and professional service they can now provide equipment from many manufacturers, which means you can be assured that they will fulfil your communications needs. So if you have a specific communication requirement from a particular manufacturer they can probably help.

Public Address "Tannoy" Systems

Public Address or ‘Tannoy’ Systems as they’re more commonly known are a fantastic solution to tracking down people or providing a method of communicating important messages to many people. We have a huge range of equipment at our disposal and are confident that we will provide a solution to your sound system requirements.

We’ve been in business since 1972 so we’ve probably supplied many sound systems just like the one you’re looking for and if we haven’t then there’s nothing we like better than getting our teeth into a new challenge.

We offer a free survey* and provide a written no obligation quotation so what have you got to lose? Our experience in this field ensures that you will receive a comprehensive audio solution and we are fully aware of the need for value for money in the challenging economic climate so we will work with you to provide an acceptable outcome that meets all your needs.

Background Music Systems

Background Music Systems are an essential part of providing entertainment to your customers or staff. In places such as restaurants and pubs, the sound system creates the perfect atmosphere for your customers to sit and relax whilst they enjoy their meals or have a drink with friends. Thanks to the vast array of equipment we can provide background music systems that will blend in seamlessly with your décor and provide very high-quality broadcast reproduction.

If you’re considering background music for your office, factory or warehouse then we are the people to talk to. We can provide you with a system to entertain your staff which will increase productivity and boost morale leading to a result in increased profitability and work performance.

Systems can be very simple comprising of a single speaker to the very large and complex covering leisure centres, hotels and theme parks. Whatever your requirement we will provide a solution that meets or exceeds your specifications and with a free survey* on offer what have you got to lose?

Induction Loop & Assisted Hearing Systems

Induction Loops are becoming more and more common throughout businesses, especially those that have dealings with the public, and in many cases these are a statutory requirement. With the implementation of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) they became an essential part of the buildings communication systems and now the Equality Act further enforces these requirements.

An induction loop basically comprises of an input source, such as a microphone, connected to an amplifier, which is in turn connected to a loop of cable. The loop of cable radiates an electro-magnetic field which can be picked up on the hearing aids used by the hard of hearing when they switch their hearing aid to the ‘T’ position. Loop systems can be complex and lots of external factors can influence their performance. If you want a working system that complies with BS EN 60118-4 then you need professional advice from us.

Assistive listening systems can also be used to provide a means of broadcasting audio to the hard of hearing. Systems commonly use an Infra Red light transmission device to send the audio but other technologies such as FM radio transmission may also provide an acceptable solution.

No matter what your requirement is we will be able to help and we will gladly provide our advice and recommendations free of charge. We will even come to your premises and carry out a free survey* and provide a cost for a suitable solution.

Where Do We Work?

No matter where you require an audiovisual system, or any other system we offer, we will be able to provide a solution. Below is a brief summary of our main areas of work; if it’s not listed here it’s still worth getting in touch:

  • Places of Worship
  • Factories
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Shopping Centres
  • Retail Outlets
  • Police, Fire and Ambulance Stations
  • Hotels
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Swimming Pools
  • Government Buildings
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Pubs, Clubs and Night Clubs

As you can see we provide services for a huge range of establishments, even specialist requirements such as chemical plants, outdoor facilities and even vehicle public address are included in our long list of previous projects.

Why Should You Use Us?

Our customer base is so wide and varied that if we weren’t so good at what we do then we simply wouldn’t be here. Our track record goes back to 1972 and speaks volumes for the Company’s ability to provide cost-effective solutions in all the areas that we are involved in. The heart of our business relates to sound equipment combined with visual technologies and we pride ourselves on being one of the very few companies that supply and install induction loop systems that comply with required legislation.

We are members of both the Professional Lighting And Sound Association (PLASA) and the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers (ISCE) therefore ensuring the highest standards of advice and system solutions. We also support the local business community by being members of the North East Chamber of Commerce.

The health and safety of our workforce and any customers or other trades that we work with are of paramount importance to us and as such we are fully CHAS accredited. Our engineering teams also include persons trained by IPAF and PASMA so you can rest assured that any project we are awarded will be completed on time, efficiently and safely.