Access Control System

Whilst a ‘Door Entry System’ can allow access for visitors to your office or home what can you do for yourself or staff members that need regular access, but you don’t want to dish out hundreds of keys? The answer is to install an access control system.

Access control systems come in many forms but they all essentially do the same thing by keeping a door locked until an authorised user gains access via an electronic means. The most basic version of access control comprises of a small keypad that allows users to type in a PIN code to gain access to the building. These are great, but they do have a little flaw in so much as the code will be the same for all users, so this will need to be changed when anyone leaves employment or you want to restrict access for any other reason. There are advanced systems available that can allow multiple users with different PIN numbers but more popular methods of granting access are available.

For many years proximity cards, or RFID cards, have been used but thanks to leaps in technology Biometric fingerprint readers are becoming more commonplace. In addition to these methods, there are also systems that allow Bluetooth connectivity and facial recognition along with smart device capability too.

Although we mainly concentrate on stand-alone access control solutions we can also offer a full range of time and attendance solutions too from our other company: North East Time Recorders Limited.

With access to all major access control brands and technology, we’re confident that we can provide a solution that meets your technical needs and budget.