Audio Service Systems

For over 45 years we’ve been installing, connecting and commissioning sound systems, public address, tannoy, induction loop and visual systems so we have gained a great knowledge of many manufacturers equipment and we’re here to help you by providing these services at affordable prices.

You’ve probably invested most of your budget into the purchase of the hardware required for your solution, so make sure it’s not all wasted by having a sub-standard setup that hasn’t been correctly commissioned.

For a sound system that is designed to broadcast the spoken word then intelligibility is the key. We can help you achieve the best levels of intelligibility by applying techniques and using our in-depth understanding of sound systems to tweak the broadcast to the best of its ability. The selection of loudspeaker type, amplification and input sources, including microphones, are absolutely key to the success of your system, so get us involved from the start.

Going beyond general public address and tannoy systems intelligibility becomes even more critical in life safety voice evacuation and voice alarm systems. We can provide advice on the best designs for loudspeaker layout and can back this up by providing testing services to prove the intelligibility of the final installation using STIPA measurement tools and techniques. All of our equipment is fully calibrated and STIPA results are provided in a clear manner to ensure your system reaches all the requirements of the specification and fulfils the needs of BS5839-8. More importantly than any of the figures, charts and reports, we will help make sure that your system can be heard when it needs to be providing safe communication to the listener during emergency situations.

For induction loops we can offer to commission and test services along with regular maintenance to make sure your system complies with the Equality act of 2010, Part M of the building regulations, BS 8300 Buildings code of practice and of course BS 7594 and EN60118-4. We’ve been completing induction loop work since the late 1970’s and we’ve learnt a lot in that time. We’ve seen how much benefit a working, correctly commissioned hearing system can provide to a hard of hearing person and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you to make sure your service users get the best experience in your premises.

From a video perspective, we can offer services relating to projection systems, plasma, LCD and LED large screens, smart boards and the latest HDBaseT system integration. We have fully equipped engineers and all the right tools to offer any kind of visual service to you.