Background Music System

Background Music Systems are used in a variety of applications and we can offer advice and solutions for whatever your applications are.

In a restaurant type environment, a background music system can help provide a better experience for your customer but it’s important to strike a good balance and ensure the sound system doesn’t overcome the ability to hold a decent conversation. Loudspeaker placement and type will be critical in making this achievable so it’s important to take advice on what you need right from the off. Our advice is free so what have you got to lose?

Other applications for background music require a different approach and in places such as leisure centres, you may want the ability to control the audio level in different areas or even have different types of music playing into different areas. For example, no one in the gym will want to do an aerobic workout whilst listening to whale song but then again no one in the spa wants to listen to the latest bass-thumping track at 160 beats per minute and enough volume to put the windows out! We’ve been through all these scenarios and helped clients get it correct from the start but we’re also here to help with existing systems too.

In addition to the entertainment of customers and the improvement of ambience, background music systems have also been used to boost employee morale in the workplace. There are lots of jobs where the ongoing mundane daily tasks can grind down the worker and result in a lack of productivity or creativity, but the addition of a little music can perk things up and get your workforce back on track. 

Music systems in certain work environments can be challenging to get right, the ability to get above the background noise will be essential for the sound system to be heard and loudspeaker selection is absolutely critical for this. We’ve worked in office environments, heavy industry, chemical plants, manufacturing, food processing and retail so we can offer the best advice for your background music system.