Break Tone Systems

Many hours of work can be lost due to the manipulation of time in the workplace. It’s human nature to sneak a few minutes here and there but the impact on business can be huge. Away from the loss of productivity, there’s also the duty of care that employers have for employees and having people rushing about sneak away 5 minutes early can lead to unsafe work conditions for the worker and for those following on the next shift.

A break tone system allows a signal to be broadcast so that everyone is subject to the same time regime and in larger workplaces break tone systems can be used to stagger shift changes resulting in a calmer more controlled exodus of the workplace when finishing time comes around.

Often linked to a sound system the break time system will be controlled by a single timer device. This could be a PC, a stand-alone timer or linked to a time and attendance system. The output of the timer would normally activate a digital message or digital tone generator that’s linked to the sound system amplification. There are still, of course, good old-fashioned bells and sounders that can be used, and we can help with those too.

From a basic single 9 to 5 shift through to the most complex shift patterns we will have a solution for you and we’ll work with you to ensure it’s easily manageable.