CCTV Systems

We all know that CCTV is everywhere nowadays and there’s no getting away from it that it’s here to stay. Although we all moan about being watched all the time we can’t underestimate the value of a CCTV system when it’s needed the most. Often used as a deterrent against crime a CCTV system will provide a means to ensure that those who commit a crime on another person or property will be brought to justice swiftly with little chance of getting away with it once they’ve been recorded in the act!

In addition to the crime element of CCTV systems, they can also be used for monitoring of workplaces with regard to health and safety. We know what you’re all thinking; yep people spying on us again, but have you considered the reason that the CCTV system has been installed? There are many occasions where a CCTV system has been installed to ‘keep an eye on employees’ but actually it’s solely there for their safety and well-being. Consider a lone worker who falls or injures themselves; a CCTV system can alert an operator to get help to that person much faster than waiting for someone to hopefully find the injured person at some point!

Cameras come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we have access to them all. Whilst we really only concentrate on small CCTV system up to about 16 cameras we can still offer advice on larger systems too. Working mainly with industrial, commercial and leisure facilities we can offer advice to you and CCTV quotations free of charge within our normal working area.