Class Change System

Education of children is essential to ensure the success of our future and discipline is part of that requirement. Having a controlled environment within education establishments is essential and a class change system can help reinforce and control the actions of the students.

With many hundreds of children populating some of our schools, it would be simply chaos if they all relied on different watches and clocks to determine start times, lunch breaks and finish times. Not only would there be no consistency the entire system could easily be manipulated. It’s scary to think that 5 minutes late here or getting away 5 minutes early now and then can result in hundreds of hours missed over a student’s academic life but that is the reality.

We can offer solutions that have a single time base so all start times, break times, lunch times and end times can be set and easily managed. Although good old fashioned bells are still available our most popular method of providing these systems is to link into a sound system whereby you can have any tone you want and even have different tones for different reasons. We even have schools that play motivational messages and music to brighten up and enhance the life of the student. For true control, digital messages can even be used to announce what year group or class you want to go to lunch for example.

Whatever size school you have and whether you have a sound system or not we will be able to provide a solution that meets your class change needs.