Door Entry Systems

A Door Entry System is quite simply a means of allowing visitors access to your building at the press of a button. The most basic door entry systems comprise of a single handset connect to a panel at the front door. When a visitor arrives they simply call the internal handset which is answered by the resident who can have a conversation with the visitor before releasing an electric lock to allow the door to be opened. More complex systems are found in multi-occupant dwellings or office spaces that can consist of a few flats up to hundreds of offices or smaller dwellings.

Whilst these are perfectly good solutions and suitable for just about any budget they do only offer an audio connection from the internal area to the front door. A more advanced system would include images that can be easily catered for by using a video entry system. Nowadays these systems can send video to an internal handset or they can be streamed anywhere in the world via the internet to an app or website on your phone. You can even release the door from the remote location making it ideal for those times when your better half forgets their keys again!

No matter what your budget is or how complex your needs are, we will have access to a door entry solution that meets your needs.