Foreground Music System

There’s nothing better than hearing good quality music whilst socialising with your friends, families or partners. Foreground Music Systems can provide great entertainment and create the perfect environment for your customers to really let their hair down after a hard day’s work. When foreground music systems are installed correctly they’ll sound great and encourage your customer to stay put but get it wrong and the bass thumping beat or unbearable high pitch frequencies will drive your customers away.

We’ve been doing pub and club installs for more years than we care to remember, and our experience includes venues from small pubs in villages through to city centre nightclubs. We understand that different venues need a different sound and having access to all the major manufacturers in the UK and Europe means we can provide the foreground music system that matches the expectations of your customer.

In our experience venues that are open for extended hours need to be able to fulfil a lot of requirements from an input perspective. Through the day the bar staff and management need a simple background music system but come the night time when the DJ turns up that’s a whole different ballgame. We are able to cater for all these needs and can use the latest digital technology to ensure the sound system performs to the best of its ability irrespective of time of day or input used.