Contacta Test Bundle - IL-TSG1 & IL-FSM

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Contacta Test Bundle: IL-TSG1 & IL-FSM

If you install or maintain induction loop systems then this test bundle is a must for your tool kit.

Comprising of a Contacta IL-TSG1 Signal Generator and the Contacta IL-FSM1, you’ll have everything you need to correctly setup your induction loop systems.

The Contacta IL-TSG1 Signal Generator is a perfect way to get a good clean test signal into your induction loop amplifier. Unlike using other audio sources that may change the acoustic quality of the test material, the IL-TSG1 has been specifically designed to reproduce test audio signals in line with the requirements of BS-EN 60118-4.

Comprising of a fully balanced -10dBV line level output, and terminated in a 3 pin male XLR, the IL-TSG1 is perfect for most professional large area loop amplifiers.

The IL-TSG1 runs from only 2 x AA batteries which will last for hours and hours of use thanks to the Auto Power Off function of the unit. The device is so simple to use and will generate the following audio test signals:

  • 100Hz Tone
  • 500Hz Tone
  • 1kHz Tone
  • 1.6kHz Tone
  • 4kHz Tone
  • 5kHz Tone
  • Pink Noise
  • White Noise

So once you know you have a good clean test signal, the next stage is to check and record field strength and frequency response levels. That’s where the superb IL-CONTACTA-FSM comes in …

The IL-CONTACTA-FSM is a professional field strength meter that will give easy to read clear measurements for you to check and verify your loop setup. With a measurement range of -54dB to +9dB it covers all the requirements of BS EN 60118-4 and the flat response between 50Hz and 10kHz far exceeds the requirements for any induction loop systems.

Powered by a single PP3 battery, the unit will give you many hours of easy use. It even doubles up as a standard loop listening device thanks to the convenient 3.5mm jack plug for a set of headphones which allow you to complete those all important subjective listening tests.

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