TOA WG-D100SK EB Wireless Tour Guide Sync Kit

£276.00 excl. VAT.


Product Features

  • Choose between internal mic, external mic and aux input on the transmitter.
  • Connect external multimedia (MP3/smartphone) to the aux input to wirelessly transmit content to the receivers
  • Separate headphone output and aux level output on the receiver. Connect the recorder to the aux output to capture the content.
  • Optimized digital sound quality and reliable transmission
  • Channel sync: Auto synchronize the receiver with transmitter channel
  • Bright large size LCD displays channel number, mic/earphone volumes, battery meter, and receiver signal strength
  • Rechargeable AA battery option
  • Energy-saving: The receiver will power off when no input signal is detected for 20 minutes.
  • Selectable lanyard and belt clip

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