Contacta STS-K001L-B Bridge System with Induction Loop (Black)

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The Contacta STSK001LB is a Bridge System (Black), with an included Induction Loop Facility for compatibility with T-Coil enabled hearing aids. It is designed to allow hands-free communication through partitions such as security desks, banks, post offices, ticket booths and more.

It’s often difficult to hear and understand what’s being said through a glass partition. That is where the STS-K001-L comes into play; overcoming any issues by providing a microphone on the staff side, which in turn broadcasts speech directly into the public space via the STS-B80 unit.

The public side of the STS-K001L-G has a pair of loudspeakers with a bridge bar between that holds the public side microphone in an optimum position, typically the centre of the listening space. The public side audio is broadcast into the staff space via a loudspeaker built into the staff side microphone.

This kit has been perfected to focus on vocal frequencies and reduce background noise levels to improve intelligibility. The system controller is a small compact unit that does all the required switching between staff and public sides, as well as making sure the system does not feed back on itself. Audio levels can be altered to fine-tune the system, and maximise privacy.


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