Digital Timer Unit - 8 Channel - TU-8A Timer

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TU-8A 8 Channel Digital Timer Unit – Randall Danfoss 841 842 Replacement

This is superb 8 channel digital timer for lots of applications. Ideal as a replacement for the Randall 841 or Danfoss 841 timers.

The TU-8A Timer Unit is great. What can I use it for?

It has a huge range of uses because of the 8 channel independent switching capability. The TU-8A is perfect for switching on just about anything you can imagine at a specific time. For instance, class change, start and end of school days, making the TU-8A ideal for school break time systems. Linking the TU-8A to a digital tone generator means that voice announcements are achievable too. It would need linked to a sound system of course, and we can help with that too! No sound system? Direct connection of Sounders and bells is possible too! Making it just like the Danfoss 841 and Danfoss 842 timers.

Factory break time systems are another great use for the TU-8A timer. Starting of shifts, end of shifts, and break times can easily be controlled. Connecting sounders, sirens, and bells, directly to the TU-8A will provide a great break time system. We have also been told these unit are superb as boiler blowdown timers too. Although, you may need additional contactors or relays if the current requirements exceed the ratings of this unit.

How many outputs does the TU-8A have?

This unit has eight sets of changeover contacts. Offering a common, normally open, and normally closed contact for your application. Each set of contacts is an independently controllable relay output. Suitable for;

  • 12A @ 120v AC
  • 10A @ 230v AC or 24V DC

That’s a lot of capability from a compact little timer! Because of this functionality, the TU-8A  is perfect for projects that may need times for different events. For example, different sounds or different durations for different events; just like year changeovers in primary schools and secondary schools too.

How do you programme the TU-8A Timer Unit?

The easy accessible buttons on the front panel combined with the clear blue LCD display makes programming simple. You can program up to 64 events per day which gives you 32 On times and 32 Off times. Manual override is available for all eight channels. This is handy for one off events that you don’t want to include in your weekly period program.

Does the TU-8A do GMT/BST and will it remember my settings after a power cut?

The unit has a built in BST /GMT reset and correction facility. You can also fine tune the clock timing to account for any gaining or drifting of time over a period. After all, mains power isn’t always nice and clean with fluctuations causing all sorts of potential timer issues.  That’s why the time correction is a great addition for the TU-8A timer unit. The TU-8A has a built in battery backup facility that will keep time and programme settings for about 7 days.

How do you install the TU-8A Timer Unit?

Because of the accessible phoenix connectors on top of the unit, wiring the TU-8A is a breeze. Installation in a rack unit or on a flat surface is easy thanks to the robust steel case.

Have a peek at the TU-8A instruction manual for free. It will give you a heads up on what you’ll need to do after you buy the TU-8A.

Do we need mains power for the TU-8A like you did for the Danfoss 841?

You do need mains power for the TU-8A, but only to plug in the 12v DC power supply. This is different to the Danfoss 841 and Danfoss 842. However, it makes the TU-8A safer for our none electrical customers. It’s still a piece of cake for installation by fully qualified electricians though as it just need plugged in. Each TU-8A we sell comes with a power supply. This will mean you’re ready to install as soon as you get your delivery.

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