Fire Hood – For 5″ to 7″ Round Ceiling Speakers (Non-Acoustic Version) – HOODY7

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Does this Ceiling Speaker Fire Hood fit every loudspeaker?

Specifically designed for flush mount loudspeakers, the HOODY7 ceiling speaker fire hood is a great installation accessory. The fire hood diameter of 265mm and 160mm depth make it ideal for most 5″ to 7″ speakers. This means you can easily add fire protection to any medium sized ceiling speaker.

  • Compliant with Parts B, L, C and E
  • Meets all EU/UK building and IEE regulations
  • Fire rating of up to 90 minutes provides great protection
Fire Hoods; do I need to use one?

Cutting a hole in a ceiling compromises the integrity of that ceiling. As a result, there is also an increase of risk that fire can spread quickly into the exposed void. The HOODY® range of Fire and Acoustic speaker hoods solve that problem for you. All your installations can conform to the latest IEE and Building Regulations simply by adding these to your installation.

A good example of where to fit fire hoods would be in a domestic dwelling. A standard two storey house should have hoods fitted to any ground floor speakers. Further protection for the first floor would need added to a three storey development. This will add protection to the floors above and provide valuable time for evacuation by slowing the spread of a fire. Above all, you’ll be helping to save lives by fitting a simple fire hood to you speaker.

Acoustic Benefits:

The HOODY 7 does not is not made from acoustic material and as a result will offer no control for you. The HOODY1 is a comparable version that add acoustic benefits as well as fire protection. In contrast to the HOODY7, the HOODY1 will reduce backwards sound leakage from the speakers into the void therefore reducing noise into rooms above. This is ideal when installing speakers under kids bedrooms or quiet office spaces.


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