HOODY4 Fire Hood – For 7″ to 10″ Rectangular Ceiling Speakers (Acoustic Version)

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Ceiling Speaker Fire Hood – Acoustic Benefits:

I hear you need a ceiling speaker fire hood for a rectangular 7″ to 10″ speaker? The HOODY4 ceiling speaker fire hood will do the job. Almost all rectangular speakers of this size will fit into this fire hood. Measuring 350mm x 450mm x 180mm makes the HOODY4 great for generic fitment.

Offering both fire and acoustic benefit, this ceiling speaker fire hood meets all UK/EU building, and IEE regulations. Compliant with Parts B, L, C and E; the hood will offer fire protection of up to 90 minutes. Because of this, you can be confident that your installation will easily pass the scrutiny of the building inspector.

What good does a Ceiling Speaker Fire Hood do?

Basically, the HOODY® range will bring your installation into conformity with the latest IEE and Building Regulations. It’s an obvious fact that when you cut a hole in a ceiling, you compromise the integrity of that structure.

In addition to the structural aspect, there is also an effect for fire and acoustic transfer too. The HOODY4 helps reinstate integrity by creating a fire barrier and adding acoustic dampening for the exposed void. Above all, this hood helps stop the spread of fire!

Acoustic Benefits:

Fire control is paramount, and always considered, but likewise, acoustic spread should be in there too. If you’re fitting a speaker into a surface that has a void, sound can easily sneak into that void. Inevitably, it will find it’s way to everywhere that you don’t want it to go.

Ideally, use speakers with back cans, like the Cloud CS-C8, but even these need a little help. Fitting a hood with acoustic properties will help control the backward spill into the void. Saying that, the HOODY4 ceiling speaker fire hood won’t fit the Cloud CS-C8! For that you need a bespoke ceiling speaker fire hood like the HOODY CS-C8.

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