Contacta IL-AE99 Hearing Loop Aerial

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Can we add hearing loop functionality to our Contacta Speech Transfer System?

If you have a ContactaSTS-K070, STS-K071 or STS-K072 then you may be wondering if you can add hearing aid compatibility to your system. The IL-AE99 is exactly what you need to achieve this. It is a loop aerial used for under the counter loop installations. This makes it ideal for general counters, booths, desks or any other similar locations.

How does a hearing loop work?

The loop aerial is designed to be used with Contacta’s HLD2 loop driver, but how does a hearing loop work? In simple terms, the loop amplifier drives an electrical signal through the loop aerial. This then creates a short range magnetic field, which allows a T-Coil enabled hearing aid to pick up the electrical signal being transmitted through this field.

This covers an area approximately 1.2m in range, so it is designed to allow one to one conversations to take place with a degree of privacy. It also means that you can install multiple loops in relative close proximity to one another. However we would always recommend you seek advice from an accredited installer if you have any doubts about fitting any assistive listening equipment.

The loop aerial would normally be fitted using self adhesive clips (not included). However, you will be able to fit it into many positions with ease due to its flexibility. This can be done using any suitable fixing method.

Why do I need to add a hearing loop?

Usually the IL-AE99 comes as part of a hearing loop system, but it is available as a supplementary item to enhance the performance of the STS-K070, STS-K071 and STS-K072systems allowing you to comply with BS EN60118-4 requirements where required.

It is a cheap addition to these systems which really helps you to communicate directly with customers with hearing difficulties. It’s also handy in case you’ve managed to damage or lose your existing loop cable!

You may require suitable signage in order to comply with BS EN60118-4. You can find a full selection over on our sister site JustLoops here; Loop Signage.

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