Contacta STS-K003L Flush Systems with Induction Loop

£410.00 ex VAT.


General Information:

Contacta Speech Transfer Systems (STS) products, formerly known as Securicom, are designed to allow hands-free communication through security screens in banks, cash offices, bureaux de change and ticket offices, with both loud speaking and induction loop facilities. The STS system could also be used to communicate across offices and other work areas. A range of boxed kits is available which contains all necessary components for easy installation.

This neat and unobtrusive intercoms system features a speaker and microphone installed within the counter surface on the ‘customer’ side of the screen. This provides a high quality aesthetic finish with excellent performance in low ambient noise environments.

The Flush-mounted system comprises of:

  • Power supply unit
  • One flush-mounted speaker
  • Twin-channel audio amplifier
  • One flush-mounted microphone
  • Staff Unit module with combined speaker/microphone

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