STS-K072 Contactless Intercom

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What kind of intercom can be used to talk through a protective screen?

You need a speech transfer system, also known as a contactless intercom. The Contacta STS-K072 is an entry level contactless speech system. It allows for face to face communications through a safety screen or partition. It is ideal for use in care homes, hospitals and surgeries, reception counters, banks and retail stores or any situation where clear two way conversations are obstructed by a Perspex or glass screen.

The included speaker pod units can be surface mounted or left free standing. For the staff side there is a combined speaker and gooseneck microphone unit. The customer side has a speaker pod and separate screen mountable microphone. Because there are no buttons to push this means that the STS-K072 is a fully contactless intercom system once installed. It is an affordable solution for use in environments with low ambient noise.

The system comprises of the following items:

  • PS-55 Power Supply, x1
  • STS-S70 Speaker Pod, x1
  • STS-SU2 Staff Loudspeaker Pod, x1
  • STS-A31H Speech Transfer Amplifier, x1
  • STS-M14-BENT-B Screen Mounted Microphone, x1

Does this contactless intercom work with hearing aids?

Yes, this system can also be made to work directly with T-Coil enabled hearing aids. You will just need one of the following optional extras:

If you need to add hearing loop functionality to your intercom system then you may also require suitable signage. You can find a full selection over on our sister site JustLoops; Loop Signage in order to help you comply with BS EN60118-4.

Are there any other versions of this intercom available?

If you’re looking for an alternative then there is also the STS-K070 system. This offers the same contactless speech functionality at a lower price point, but features dual speaker pod and mouse microphones rather than a combined staff unit.

We can provide solutions to suit almost any budget. Please contact our sales team on 0191 691 6691 or via for further information and product availability.

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