TOA WT5800 D04 UHF Receiver

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The TOA WT-5800 is the flagship receiver of the TOA 5000 series. It may look identical to its little brother: the WT-5805 from the front, but internally, there are far more complex features. This product employs the true diversity principle which allows maximum signal stability to be achieved. This is done by de-modulating each of the two received antenna signals via their own dedicated receiver stages.

What does that mean?

It means that the WT-5800 will automatically select the best of the two received audio signals instantly – basically whichever antenna picks up the strongest signal will be the one that the unit will choose to use. This provides you with the best protection from any drop outs that may occur whilst moving around with your transmitter.

Side Note: The system comes set to the D04 frequency band which is also known as Channel 70, or in technical terms: 863-865 MHz. This is the frequency range reserved for UK licence free wireless microphone transmissions. You can use up to four 5000 series systems simultaneously on this frequency range.“

Product Features

  • Integrated squelch function
  • Two antenna distribution outputs allow to simply loop through the antenna signals
  • Ideally suited for fixed installations such as in event locations, multi-purpose and sports halls, plenary and conference venues, churches, auditoriums etc.

Application Examples

  • Speech
  • Fixed installations
  • Health & fitness clubs

You can find the D04 version of this receiver on our sister site, JustMics: WT-5800 D04. If you require any assistance or advice regarding wireless microphones, feel free to get in touch with our sales team via e-mail at

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