TOA WM-5325H Wireless Headset System

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Are you looking for a robust, UK licence free wireless microphone system?

The WS-5325H is one of the most reliable wireless headset systems available on the market. Part of the Toa 5000 series, the WM-5325H represents the latest in affordable yet robust wireless microphone systems. 

You may not be familiar with Toa, but they’ve been developing and manufacturing wireless microphones since 1965. The 5000 series represents the ideal choice for any kind of fixed wireless microphone installation. 

What comes in the box?

The system includes the WM-5325 wireless transmitter, the WH-4000H headset microphone, and the WT-5810 diversity wireless receiver.

  • The WM-5325 wireless transmitter has excellent range and was specially developed for speech applications.
  • The WH-4000H headset is comfortable and designed with voice applications in mind.
  • The WT-5810 receiver is a compact unit with features usually reserved for larger systems – it features diversity operation, automatic frequency scanning, an additional audio mixing input and an adjustable triple-squelch. 

The system comes set to the D04 frequency band which is also known as Channel 70, or in technical terms 863-865MHz. This is the frequency range reserved for UK licence free wireless microphone transmissions. You can use up to four 5000 series systems simultaneously on this frequency range. 

What if I want to use more than 4 wireless microphones at the same time?

Then you will need to use microphones which transmit on an OFCOM regulated frequency range. In the UK this is G01, also known as Channel 38, or in technical terms 606-614MHz. You can find the G01 version of this system on our sister site JustMics; WS-5325H G01

If you need any assistance or advice regarding wireless microphones, then please get in touch with our sales team via e-mail at or over the phone on 0191 414 4241

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