TOA AT-4200B-EB Volume Control

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The TOA AT-4200B-EB is an intuitive Volume Control, designed with ergonomics of the human hand in mind. The AT-4000 Series attenuators’ control knob comes in a size that provides comfortable grip and excellent control with every turn.

Consisting of 8 steps attenuation, the series is built to provide precise volume control with a difference of 3dB. A built-in overriding relay feature allows the use of emergency paging – which is indicated by the LED light when activated.

Product Features:

  • 200W Rated Output
  • Terminal block for thicker diameter cable
  • 24 VDC overriding relay with red LED indicator
  • Attenuators with 8 step attenuation control ( /- 3 dB)
  • Ergonomic control knob with better grip for easy turn

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