Projection Systems

We are well and truly in a digital age now, but we’ve been around so long that we can still remember the good old 3 gun projectors that weighed 5 stone and took a week to set up! This experience and our continuous commitment to keeping up with technologies means that we have seen all the developments in the world of projection from the good old LCD units that needed filters changed every month and were installed in spoke proof boxes through to the range of DLP projectors that hit the market and now we’re onto laser LED hybrids that provide HD resolutions with crystal clear clarity and brightness of image that is simply staggering.

Our services in this sector have been used in corporate and leisure premises where projection systems are primarily used for training and presentation purposes through to educational use where they enhance the learning experience for children by allowing them to interact with their work in a truly magical way.

Don’t forget that projection systems aren’t all about work and presentations as we’ve installed many systems for good old-fashioned entertainment. Generally used in sports bars for the showing of sporting events or in clubs showing music videos and of course to help people really enjoy themselves when they’re used for good old karaoke.

Whatever your projection requirements are we will be able to offer a solution or service for you. From a quick wipe over and reset through to lamp changes and complete installs we can do them all.