Soundfield Systems

There’s nothing worse than having an unruly class of students that are difficult to control. The teacher ends up raising their voice which in turn adds to the noise of the room and the entire place descends into an environment where nobody learns anything, and the teacher goes home very stressed with a sore throat.

The answer to this problem is a soundfield system which is basically a sound reinforcement system whereby the teacher wears a microphone that is connected to a compact amplifier which in turn drives a couple of discrete loudspeakers. This little bit of extra help allows the teacher to maintain control over the class as they will always be heard.

In addition to the obvious benefits for the teacher it will also allow the students to hear more closely and for the hard of hearing student, the benefits are massive, particularly when the systems are linked to an infrared assistive listening system.

As the soundfield system is essentially just a sound system it can also be used for audio from presentations or from video footage that used in the learning environment. This will save on having to rely on the loudspeakers that are built into laptops or projectors and save the hassle of trying to make your little PC speakers work with all those wires!