Tannoy Systems

Tannoy Systems in Newcastle and North East England

We’ve been providing tannoy systems, or public address systems as we prefer to call them, throughout North East England and the UK since 1972. No matter if your tannoy system is for a factory, shopping and retail environments, school, college, or a university, you can pretty much guarantee that we have installed a tannoy system in that environment before. Even larger venues such as public address systems in airports and sports venues form part of our tannoy portfolio too.

We offer free advice and quotations for you and will work with you to explain our proposals in simple terms. All benefits will be highlighted for you and reasoning behind the decisions we make. Honest and open opinions on any other proposals you have received. Our belief is that you should buy smart and buy once. There really is no reason why a good public address system shouldn’t last you 30 years or more!

Our core belief is that the system you’re spending your money on should be clear and intelligible. That is why we pay attention to detail and create a public address system solution using a range of manufacturers. This makes sure that our solution will fit your bespoke needs.

Looking for a Tannoy System outside the Newcastle Area?

Yes, we have installed Tannoy Systems in Newcastle, Sunderland, Northumberland, County Durham, Middlesbrough and many more. In fact, we’ve done every other North East Tyne and Wear borough too! Even if you’re not in any of those areas we can still provide a Tannoy System proposal for you. We have completed projects all over the UK, but it may be cheaper to source labour closer to home. With that being said, we’d still be more than willing to work with your Public Address project.

In these instances, we can still offer free advice and support through a DIY install, or we can liaise with an electrician or other capable of installing Tannoy Systems too. And, if you’re really stuck, we are members of the “Institute of Sound, Communication, and Visual Engineers” (ISCVE) so if we can’t get to you at a reasonable cost, then we’ll certainly know someone who can!

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a public address or tannoy system, then look no further than Blaydon Communications Limited.