Voice Alarm Systems

A ‘Voice Evacuation System’, or Voice Alarm (VA), is an essential and proven tool enabling the safe evacuation of buildings and other establishments during an emergency situation. This can include fire scenarios along with other dangerous situations such as bomb alerts and terrorist-related activities.

By having an intelligible voice evacuation solution, you can control the evacuation process to suit the size of the area. Often in smaller establishments, a simple everyone out policy may be applied but in large environments phased and controlled movements from people may be preferred. This will all be identified in your fire risk assessment and we can work with you to build the voice alarm solution that gets your plan put into action.

Whilst conventional bells and sounders work in places that have trained personnel a voice evacuation system has been proven to be more effective for visitors and is far better for spaces populated with the general public too. Even in a trained environment, a voice evacuation solution will often lead to a calmer, more controlled, evacuation.

Voice alarm systems are included in BS5839-8 and include self-monitoring features to make sure the equipment works when it’s needed most and will even continue to work when the power fails thanks to the battery backup facilities. When not in emergency mode the system can easily be used for general tannoy use and can include background music too.