Conference System

A professional Conference System will allow you to control a meeting and stop it descending into a shouting match where the loudest person often wins. Meetings are normally put in place to debate or resolve matters and a controlled agenda allows the meeting to run smoothly and hopefully finish on time.

Essentially a conference system allows many delegates to have a discussion in a large space by providing a microphone and compact loudspeaker at each delegate position. The meeting is normally controlled by a chairperson that has a slightly more advanced microphone unit allowing mute and override facilities to control the delegates ability to speak.

Large systems are often linked to a PC that can offer further control including how many microphones can be used at once and often includes voting facilities to track and record the outcome of any matter that needs a majority decision to progress. The outcome of the voting process can be stored and recorded with the results normally being shown on large screens.

In this day and age of podcasting and webcasting, a professional audio conference system will also provide clear and intelligible audio feeds to be synced with the video to ensure that even after the event everything can be heard. These additional audio feeds can also be used to record entire meetings to save having to take minutes as the meeting progresses.

Conference systems come in a range of connectivity options and budget which includes units that can be simply daisy-chained together using network type cables right through to the latest wireless solutions that offer full military standard encryption to deter any third parties attempting to listen in on the proceedings. Whilst wired options are often cheaper than wireless solutions we often find that wireless systems are more popular as they can be used in a variety of locations and are easy to store.

We have access to all the major manufacturers of conference system and we’re confident that we can offer a full range of services from initial consultation through to installation leading on to preventative and reactive maintenance to support you throughout the life of the product.