Fire Hood for Cloud CS-C6 Ceiling Speaker

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Fire protection hood for Cloud ceiling speakers

Cloud’s CS-C6 is a great loudspeaker with an aluminium back can but it’s not fire certified. That’s where this ceiling speaker fire hood for the Cloud CS-C6 comes in. Giving you more fire and acoustic protection than the standard aluminium back can provide. Helping tick all those boxes for a safe installation.

This bespoke fire hood for the Cloud CS-C6 flush mount ceiling speaker is just what you need. With a 340mm diameter and 220mm depth, it is a perfect fire hood to fit the CS-C6 and of course it will work fine with both colours, the CS-C6W white version and the CS-C6B black version too.

As you’d expect. the fire hoods for, Cloud ceiling loudspeakers, meet all UK and EU building and IEE regulations. Fire rating of up to a maximum of 90 minutes and compliant with Parts B,L,C and E.

As Cloud don’t make an official fire hood for their loudspeakers, this product has been developed as an aftermarket addition by Hoody. Hoody have a range of generic fire hoods too and these are available from our website too. 

Fire hood and acoustic assistance all in one.

In addition to the fire protection offered by these hoods, please don’t forget the added benefit of acoustic blocking too. The CS-C6 range of ceiling speakers have back cans but there’s still a bit of spill into the void. The fire hood has properties that can help reduce the amount of leaked sound even further.

If you’re ever not sure about a fire hood requirement then it’s always better to fit one than to have to live with the consequences of not fitting one. When you’ve cut a big hole in the ceiling, just think about how fire could spread. You can  help stop this by using this simple fire hood. Don’t let a few quid and a couple of minutes of time compromise the safety of someone.


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