TOA Replacement Microphone for WM-370, WM-3310 and WM-4310 (100012769A)

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TOA Replacement Microphone – Part Number: 100012769A 

TOA Replacement Microphone to ensure the highest quality and longest service life. For that reason, TOA Belt Pack Systems were originally supplied with this part. Put simply, this is the perfect replacement for the one you’ve had for years.

Compatible transmitters include:

  • VHF TOA WM-370, VHF TOA WM-3310 & UHF TOA WM-4310 Belt Pack Transmitters

Due to the WM-4310 and WM-3310 Belt Pack Transmitters having a locking clamp; this one does too!. Older WM-370 transmitters don’t need the clamp but still work with them. Just leave the clamp on, or cut if off, we’ll even do this for you if you want.

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