HOODY8 Fire Hood – For 8″ to 10″ Round Ceiling Speakers (Non-Acoustic Version)

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Fire Hood for 8″ to 10″ ceiling speakers:

The HOODY8 is a generic fire hood for ceiling speakers with an 8″ to 10″ speaker. The Hoody 8 is a perfect partner for many ceiling loudspeakers providing enhanced safety. Ideal for most 8″ to 10″ ceiling speakers because of the 335mm diameter and 180mm depth.

  • Meeting all UK/EU building regulations to help you comply
  • In accordance with latest IEE and Building Regulations for Fire and Acoustic ceiling integrity
  • ‘Fire Hoods’ restore the integrity of the ceilings by providing safe barriers against the spread of fire
  • The HOODY8 can add up to 90 minutes protection to your installation because of the super fire resistant properties
  • Compliant with Parts B, L, C and E; the generic HOODY range of fire hoods will bring your installations up to an acceptable level
Can these help with acoustic spill too?

The HOODY 8 is a none acoustic version so won’t help much with audio spill control. Contrastingly, the HOODY 2 would be a better option. Thanks to its acoustic design, the control of audio spill becomes more manageable. This control makes flush mount ceiling speaker installation below a child’s bedroom, for example, easily achievable.

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